Canon 60D test – ‘Reader.’

I took a few shots of my girlfriend reading earlier today. I wanted to test out how well my camera would work in slow-motion and macro shots. I own a canon 60D which is only capable of shooting a maximum of 50 frames per second in 720p. This means that I can only slow down the footage fluently to half the speed of real time in post (and not even at 1080p). I used a 50mm FD lens for the shoot to create a shallow depth of field making the shots feel more intimate. For the extreme close-ups I used a macro attachment which was part of an old Opteka fisheye lens I bought a few years back. This was very fiddley to work with and meant I had to get very close to the subject for the lens to get into focus but I’m happy with the way the footage turned out. The whole piece was edited and colour-graded in Final Cut Pro X.

After graduating from University, I no longer have access to the professional filming equipment that was once available to me. This makes it a lot harder to try and achieve the work I want to but shooting this piece has given me hope. I will aim to continue making short videos in the future (hopefully buying new equipment on the way) to improve my skills and and make me a better filmmaker.


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