Canon 60D test – Germintrude.

A short video I shot and edited in a day featuring my pet, Germintrude the guinea pig.

To be honest, I’m not completely happy with the result of this one. The image in most pictures are very noisy (as seen in the still below). I had to raise the iso up to 640 at times to keep Germintrude properly lit. I swear it didn’t look that bad on my canon 60D screen when filming but I suppose that’s a lesson learned the hard way. I think it will be worth looking into buying a viewfinder attachment for my camera to use on future projects. You can get them fairly cheaply on places like amazon at around ten pounds. I’ve found one that looks promising but am slightly concerned that it may disable the 60D’s flip out screen function, which is very unfortunate as it’s one of the few things that set it apart from other similar SLR cameras. The flip out screen allows the user to shoot from high or low angles and still see what they’re filming without straining into awkward and uncomfortable positions.

Still from 'Germintrude.'

Still from ‘Germintrude.’

Another issue, with the final outcome of the video is that some of the images are too blurry. Buying a viewfinder would help address this problem as I would be able to see the image clearer when filming and correct the problem before recording but this is only half of the problem. I used a canon FD 50mm lens for this shoot with a fisheye macro adapter. I love using the FD lens for photography as it produces a wonderful and distinct image but I wonder if it’s the right choice for the film projects I’ve been working on. It may be worth looking into getting a new 50mm lens for my camera this should allow me to have more control when filming and produce a much sharper image compared to the soft focus of the FD 50mm. I know that Canon are selling their cheapest model at around £75 which is definitely affordable and so I will try to buy and test one in the near future.


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