A Self Portrait.

I made this video partly to prove to myself that I could shoot sharp, crisp images. The past two videos I made (Reader. and Germintrude.) were shot at 720p to enable the 50fps feature. This allowed me to slow down the footage to half the natural speed without ruining its quality or fluency. That being said, I was disappointed with the overall quality that the 60D created in these settings. The shots were very noisy and didn’t show the cinematic look that I wanted to achieve with these videos (as seen in the screen shot from ‘Germintrude’ below).

Still from 'Germintrude.'

Still from ‘Germintrude.’

I changed the settings back on my camera to record at 1080p 24fps for this new video. This meant I couldn’t slow down the footage without distorting the image but allowed me to shoot a much clearer and visually appealing image.

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko

This video is an experiment of the use of colour in film. I was inspired by the work of Mark Rothko – An artist I’ve admired for some time now – who creates large canvas’ of colour. I wanted to explore how we take colour for granted by starving the viewer of it, forcing them to live in a saturated world. Halfway through the film we then begin to experience flashes of colour coming in time with the drum beat of the backing music, The colour slowly gets stronger and more vivid until the credits scene when we witness and explosion of reds and the music reaches it climactic end.

Still from the beginning of 'A Self Portrait' where the audience has been starved of colour.

Still from the beginning of ‘A Self Portrait’ where the audience has been starved of colour.

During my time at University I learnt that a key aspect of filmmaking that regularly gets ignored by film students is ‘Sound’. This is seen as second importance during production with the camera being first priority. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Both imagery and sound are equally important in film and should work in harmony together.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.30.42

All of the pieces I have made for this blog (so far) have completely depended on music. A future project could be to constrain myself to not being able to use music at all for a film…or even imagery. This is something I will consider for the future…an ‘Audio Film’!

The Canon 60D is really not the best option for indie-filmmakers. It’s a great tool for photography creating stunning stills but it just doesn’t compare to the hirer end SLR cameras on the market. Unfortunately I don’t have the money yet to get a better camera so I will have to keep struggling with the 60D for the foreseeable future but I will be saving up for something new, and hopefully hiring out a few new cameras to test out before.


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