Lens Filter Test – 7785 Dark Tobacco

7785 Dark Tobacco lens filter attached to my 60D

7785 Dark Tobacco lens filter attached to my 60D

A while ago my girlfriend’s dad lent me some of his old camera equipment. Inside I found a few old lens filters. Stylistic lens filters have become almost redundant in this new digital age of film. It’s far easier and cheaper to just add these changes in post with ‘digital filters’. I can understand the appeal of digital filters, if you’re not happy with the style the filter creates, you can just remove it and try another. That being said, I still think there’s something we’re giving up by not using glass filters. I couldn’t resist trying them out and took a few shots with my 60D using a 50mm lens and the ‘7785 Dark Tobacco’ Filter.

For the sake of this experiment, I have not colour graded any of the shots in this video (otherwise it would be pointless in showing the advantages of using glass filters). The only editing I have done is use sharpening and stabilising tools in a few of the shots. Other than that, this is what the shot looks like straight out of the camera.

I’m particularly proud of the last sequence in the video featuring the tin toy carousal (a birthday gift from a good friend). These shots truly show off the stunning colours that can be produced with glass filters.

Still taken from '7785 Dark Tobacco.'

Still taken from ‘7785 Dark Tobacco.’

Once again, due to the canon 60D’s capabilities, the tin toy sequence was shot at 720p to enable the footage to be slowed down by 50%. It would be ideal to have a camera than can shoot at a higher frame rate in a higher resolution but unfortunately, I just can’t afford any of the high-end cameras on the market…at least not yet.

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