Go-Pro Alternatives: Cam-One Infinity Review

For years now the Go-pro has been the leader in the market of action cameras. I wanted to see if there were any other alternatives out there that could produce the same amazing quality as the Go-Pro but don’t cost and arm and a leg to get hold of.Cam-One Infinity It was just my luck that as soon as I ordered this camera, my University had announced they have purchased the latest Go-pros which will be available for me to hire for free. Annoying as this may be, it did give me an opportunity to directly compare the two cameras. In my short film, The Girl in the Meadow, There is one underwater shot where we the audience are looking at the protagonist of the film from the point of view of a sink plug. I shot this sequence on both cameras to compare.

When looking at the stills side by side, there really is no competition. The Go-pro produces a clearer and more detailed image by far. The only thing I would say though is that I much preferred the composition of the Cam-One shot. It’s as if the sink frames the character. It’s a shame the Go-pro doesn’t have a wider lens.

Because I had brought my Canon 60D along with me, I didn’t see the need to bring the Cam-One Infinity out for any photography. The only time I really tested it was in the pool. The main reason I bought it in the first place was because it could shoot video underwater. The camera has a maximum of 8mp for photographs, which these days really isn’t that great. These shots (Below) show just how hard it can be to take a good shot. Obviously with will more practise and time using the camera I would be able to shoot something a bit better.

The quality of the photos really aren’t that bad and the colours produced are rich but focusing is a huge issue. It’s complete guess work when it comes to focussing each shot (as you can see in the images above).

Unfortunately, the waterproof casing for the Cam-One was destroyed in my luggage during the flight home which means no more underwater shots for me. There is an option to purchase a new casing unit but I thing my money would be put to better use if I save up and get something a little more substantial.


The Cam-One Infinity does have a built in time-lapse feature which allows you to shoot at either 1 FPS, 1 FPM, 2 FPM, or 6 FPM. I first tested it out when filming my brother carving a woodblock print.

Cam-One infinity taking a time-lapse outside my window.

Cam-One infinity taking a time-lapse outside my window.

To properly test out the Cam-Ones time-lapse features, I took a 40 minute time-lapse from my window. Well, I attempted to. The fully charged battery ran out of power after shooting 8 seconds worth of time lapse. This is very disappointing.

Having the built in time-lapse feature is a cool little extra on this camera but I’m not convinced with it’s practicalities. You can get a much higher quality image using a DSLR with an external timer by taking photos and assembling them together in post.

Action cameras are no way near perfect yet but I do love the concept. Who knows, maybe in ten years time we will have the perfect action camera that will produce beautiful high quality images and doesn’t cost a fortune but until that time, Go-pro is still definitely the top contender in action cameras.

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