Showreel 2015

A collection of my work to date. Listed below are all the projects featured in this video and my role within each one. To see more of my work please visit my Vimeo Page.

2015 Projects:

A Self Portrait - Thumbnail

A Self Portrait – Solo Project – Cinematographer/Editor

OS - Thumbnail

Nature’s Way: Original Source Mint and Tea Tree – Promotional Video – Director/Animator/Editor

7785 Dark Tobacco - Thumbnail

7785 Dark Tobacco – Solo Project – Cinematographer/Editor

Solar Eclipse: Time-lapse - Thumbnail

Solar Eclipse: Time-lapse – Solo Project – Cinematographer/Editor

Woyzeck – Promotional Video – Cinematographer/Editor

2014 Projects:

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 17.16.13

The Girl in the Meadow – Short Film – Writer/Director/Editor

Spectacle - Thumbnail

Spectacle – Solo Project – Cinematographer/Editor

Temptation - Thumbnail

Temptation. – Solo Project – Animation/Cinematographer/Editor

Time and Time Again - Thumbnail

Time and Time Again – Short Film – Camera Op/Director of Photography

The Writers Feud - Thumbnail

The Writer’s Feud – Short Film – Cinematographer/Camera Op

 Ruby Tuesday's Hair & Beauty Boutique - Thumbnail

Ruby Tuesday’s Hair & Beauty Boutique – Promotional Video – Producer/Editor

2013 Projects:

Frozen Vengeance - Thumbnail

Frozen Vengeance – Short Film – Camera Op

Life of Crime - Thumbnail

Life of Crime – Short Film – Camera Op/Director of Photography/Editor

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