Octo Presents: THANDO

thando thumb nail-sized

Over the past few months I have been working alongside a talented group of creatives who have produced an adaptation of Georg Buchners’ expressionistic play Woyzeck. Musicians, Actors, and Dancers have all collaborated to produce this truly wonderful theatrical performance. I have been lucky enough to see the development of the show from the very beginning and document its progress through videography and photography.

I first visited the team in late February 2015 during one of their first dance rehearsals. I had brought my Canon 60D along and filmed this short piece of them working on the choreography for one of the dances.

This video was featured on the production’s official facebook page to help promote the show.

I was amazed by the performance and had a deep level of admiration for the amount of time and effort that had been put into the show by every individual. When watching the performance I had noticed that there was a small film crew set up around the area which had recorded the whole performance. After the show I had a word with the director and expressed my interest in editing the piece.

I worked closely with my brother – whom was also very keen in getting involved – and edited this video of the whole performance

After playing at the Ego Performance theatre, THANDO had won a competition to play at Coventry’s Belgrade theatre. I had used the footage taken from the show at the Ego and created this promotional trailer which also featured on the official site.

I was kindly invited to go behind the scenes at the Belgrade Theatre to take a few snaps. I had once again brought my camera and took a few photos. I used an old tamron 80-210mm lens which proved difficult to use in a live theatrical environment where there is very little time to prepare for a shot. Here is a selection of my favourite shots (click here to see the whole collection).

I am a little disappointed with the shots I ended up with and have come to the conclusion that maybe it is time to invest in some new glass for my camera. Looking on amazon I have found a few good deals and am considering them when the next pay day comes around.

This has been an amazing experience of which I am grateful to have had. I’ve learnt a lot about and enjoyed being part of a bigger team of creative individuals.

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