The Island of the Phaeacians

Earlier this summer I travelled to Corfu in Greece, otherwise known as The Island of the Phaeacians. I had an amazing time and saw some beautiful sites. I knew I wanted to make a video of my experience there and so I brought my Canon 60D along almost everywhere I went. I even took it to the beach at one point standing up to my shoulders in the sea holding it firmly above my head (risky but worth it!). Recently I have made a lot of these short videos. I have decided to call them ‘Video Postcards’ as they show little snippets of the event I’ve experienced. This is my video postcard of ‘The Island of the Phaeacians’.

The majority of clips were filmed at 50 fps. This was so I could slow down the footage in post to half its natural speed creating a dreamlike quality to the piece. Unfortunately this meant that the quality of the footage went down from 1080p to 720p. I am currently saving up for a new workstation but hopefully sometime soon after I will look into getting a new camera with much higher stats than my old 60D.

During my time in Corfu my primary aim was to film as much as possible to make a video, but I also took a few snaps along the way. I have uploaded a few of my favourites below (the rest of my photos can be found on my Flickr site here). I have only recently started experimenting with altering images and am still learning new techniques all the time. Using the free editing software, Gimp, I have mostly explored altering colours in these photos, trying to create a hyper-realistic interpretation of my surroundings. I am pleased with the way they have turned out and am very eager to keep practising to improve my skills further.

beach sunset

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