Down by the Riverside

When I was up in Gloucestershire a few months back, I visited a few of the counties notable tourist sites. As always I brought my camera along just incase there was anything I wanted to shoot. To be honest, I didn’t know much about Symonds Yat before that day but it is truly one of the most beautiful places I have been to. I found myself unable to turn my camera off as I felt compelled to film almost everything I could see. I edited this video postcard with the footage I filmed. On the way home I visited Goodrich Castle, part of the English Heritage charity scheme. You can see a few shots of the castle towards the end of the video.

After eating in one of the pubs on the bank of the river I travelled to Symonds Yat Rock, a view point where you can see an awe-inspiring scene overlooking a gorge through which the River Wye snakes.

I originally decided to make this trip primarily a videography project although that being said, I did also take some photographs (especially after seeing the view from Symonds Yat Rock). Here are a selection of my favourites, The rest can been seen on my Flickr site Here.

Most of the photos I had taken have only been slightly tweaked in the editing but one in particular had a bit of special treatment. When I was up on Symonds Yat Rock I knew I wanted to get a panoramic shot of the whole landscape. Unfortunately my camera does not have the built in functions to achieve this so instead I took a series of stills whilst physically panning the camera from left to right. I used a free online photo editing software website ( to stitch a series of four photos together and then edited the photo as a whole to achieve this (below).

View from Symonds Yat Rock

I am quite pleased with the way this experiment turned out. Maybe in the future I will look into different photo stitching software as this is a technique I think I will be using for some time to come.

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