Early in May last year I was very proud to see my girlfriend, Claire, pass her driving test (first time!). A few weeks later she bought her very first car.

Claire with her Driving Certificate.

Claire with her Driving Certificate.

During our first few weeks driving around I brought along my camera to take a few shots. For a while I left the footage on my computer gathering digital dust, but now six months later I’ve decided to make something out of it. Below is my Video Postcard of Drive:

I am constantly looking for ways to make my work look more cinematic. Towards the end of the video, you can see I’ve experimented with lens whacking, a technique where you detach the lens from the body of the camera and hold it loosely in place whilst filming. This creates light leaks and focal changes resulting in a ‘dream-like’ quality to the footage. I think this works well with the overall feel of the piece and will continue to practice this technique in future projects.

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