Open Mic Night at the Rose and Woodbine – Promo Photography

A few weeks back I was hired for a videography/photography project. A local musician and friend, Josh Woods, was looking for someone to create promotional content for his Open Mic Night, a weekly event for musicians to jam together. I will release a separate post for the videography on this project shortly but this blog will go into detail of the photography on the night.


My brother, John, and myself worked together on this project. We decided that in order to get the most useable footage, we would rotate from photography to filming after every song. Each performer had a setlist of around three songs, This meant we could have a recording of a whole song and then some photos of each artist too.

IMG_0031 (1)

It was the first time I had access to canons 35mm f/2 lens and I have to admit. I was very impressed. I found it a pleasure to work with. It performed very well in low light and focussed with lightning speed (which is exactly what you want when in a live environment like this!).

Here are a selection of my favourite pictures taken on the night. To see the rest please click here.

All of these photos were taken by myself on the Canon 60D with a 35mm f/2 lens. John will be uploading his photos from the 700D photos with the 50mm soon and I will update this post with a link to them when he has.

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